Sunday, August 8, 2010

it's the thought that counts, right?

So with all my goofy food/digestive issues, Hubby and I have been really trying to overhaul our eating habits. Buying organic. Buying vegan. Buying fresh. Cooking our own food. When we eat out, eating at small local cafes rather than big chain restaurants.

As part of that, at the start of the summer, we signed up to be part of a local organic farm co-op. It really sounded like a good idea. Fresh, organic, locally grown vegetables every week (and fruit every other week). After all, the bulk of what we spend on groceries is on produce. This seemed like a good way to practice what we preach and save some money. Win/win, right?


The produce we've received in the last month and a half has been totally fresh, totally yummy, and not really a lot of stuff we eat. Really, there's only so much squash I can eat, and really none that Hubby will eat. And we've gotten lots and lots and lots of squash. And really, there's only so many radishes that Hubby can eat, and really none that I will eat. And we've gotten lots of radishes. I gave Mom lots of zucchini, which she said she'd turn in to zucchini bread. My nieces eat all the tomatoes (I like everything made from tomatoes, but the actual tomatoes taste like dirt. I don't like how dirt tastes.).

And then there's this:

What is this? Seriously, what is this? Because it looks like one of those things you set on a table or in a bowl (with lots of other similar looking things that you know are supposed to be food but wouldn't know how to eat if you had to) as a Thanksgiving decoration. I have no idea what to do with it. And Google has been no help. What do I even Google? Weird thing that I think is a vegetable but am positive is a Thanksgiving decoration?

I did have to Google sorrel this week. We got some. I didn't know what it was or what to do with it. And it turns out that sorrel is poisonous if eaten in large amounts. I think we'll eat sorrel in no amounts.

Any way, our hopes are high that as the fall arrives, we'll start seeing some more user-friendly vegetables. Or at least easily identifiable vegetables.

And while our intentions were the best, and I so love the theory, we'll have to wait and see if we join this co-op again next year.


Jade said...

I was pretty sure that's a squash and so the internets tell me it's a sunburst scallop squash.

Here's a site full of recipes: I also have a couple in my farmer's market cookbook if you want (a summer squash & white bean saute, gnocchi with zucchini - and you could switch out the zuc for squash). Might also be good in something like a quiche or lasagna. Or a soup, like butternut squash soup...except not butternut?

But yeah. It's easy to get a bit sick of squash, or any vegetable, really, in large quantities. Fruit is pretty much the only thing I never get sick of. (Ok, and rice. Cuz I'm Asian.)

Bacardi Mama said...

Mom would have made the bread, but it was 90 degrees then and she has no air conditioning. She just ate it instead. It was good, but I would tire of it too if it came every week. It was a good idea in theory. If you need cucumbers, I have them coming out of my ears. So much so that I am looking up pickle recipes. Love you

jaime said...

We had considered doing something similar this summer, but we have a small garden, so I just stuck to that. Unfortunately, my squash plants have all died, and I haven't gotten one zucchini this summer. (And I LOVE squash!) I have friends who get the boxes of vegetables throughout the summer, and I'm not a huge fan of being "surprised" with stuff we don't eat a ton of.

All that said, good for you for at least trying it. :) I also love the smaller restaurants as opposed to the big chain restaurants.