Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Wednesday And...

So, currently there are men here disemboweling the house. Two men in the basement removing the furnace and two outside removing the air conditioner. Then they'll install a new furnace and air conditioner. I'm pretty sure this will involve holes in my house, which I hope they're planning to fill. I'm also pretty sure this will involve me and touch-up paint.

(There is lots of metallic banging happening and the cat is FREAKING OUT about this. I actually feel a little bad for him. Of course, not too much, since now his litter box is upstairs and way to close to me and has already been used this morning and I had to find another room to be in, which is hard when I need the computer and all. But still, I feel a little bad for him.)

This madness is all the air-conditioner's fault. It quit working two weeks ago. We kind of saw it coming. It's been limping along for about 3 years now. It was installed about 3 years ago. Odd, huh?

But I think it's a karmic intervention. Really, I do. When the house's original air-conditioner died (Don't be sad. It was very old and died of natural causes. We have an old house. It's bound to happen.) this particular air-conditioner arrived at our house under, um, interesting circumstances, and was installed by someone who had NO IDEA what they were doing. (It's a loooooong story. That happened back when Hubby was the way he used to be. Don't get me started.) Now Hubby and I kind of believe that everything in the house that was in any way influenced by said someone (and/or said someone's spouse) will have to go before we can actually truly move forward in life. Like, there's just so much negative energy surrounding them (and apparently emanating from things they touch), it's got to be purged before true forward progress can be made. Literally everything in our home that they had a part in has broken in some way, shape, or form. Of it's own accord. Beyond repair (Except Hubby. He was repairable.). Crazy, huh? So we think it's a karmic intervention. Is there such a thing? Does that even make sense?

So, we've got two days of workers in the home (And using my bathroom. Which, of course they'd have to. But still, strangers using my bathroom.) and mess and chaos and a freaked out cat and a new payment plan (But we hadn't financed anything in awhile so it was time, right?), but.... We're actually happy about it. It feels cleansing in multiple ways.

Plus it's hot out and I want air-conditioning.


Heart2Heart said...

Oh I feel for you, really I do. A home needs to have Air conditioning unless you live right on the beach or perhaps in Siberia or the Artic.

Just remember how wonderful it will all be when everything is installed and its all working again, the cat goes back to normal, if cat's know what normal is, and life once again resumes!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Bacardi Mama said...

Poor Ricky! Could you guys live without your ipods? Love you!

mommy boo of two said...

You're getting it fixed just in time; it's supposed be 91 on Saturday and 94 (yikes!) on Sunday. But, then it will go back into the 70's by Tuesday :) Enjoy you're new AC!

Lyndsay said...

Holes in your house?? Like, holes that snakes could get into?? Oh dear.