Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trial Mom

So, I have no children. You know that. But I do have two goddaughters, ages 6 and 3. They are awesome, amazing, brilliant, beautiful little girls. I love them to pieces. I can't imagine how much mom's love their kids if they love them more than I love those girls.

The other day they spent some time over at my house while their mom (aka Best Friend) ran some errands.

They were here less than an hour.

And they Did. Not. Stop. Not once.

They got in the door and started looking for the cat.
Then we got the cat some treats.
Then we had to see the turtle.
Then they helped me finish baking cookies.
Then we had to find the cat again.
Then we found the cat and had to pet the cat. (Goddaughter #2 calling out "HI KITTY! HI KITTY!" about an inch from the cat's ear. I don't know what made me giggle harder - the look on Cat's face or #2's little voice yelling at the cat.)
Then we had to get a drink.
Then we had to start a game of Chutes and Ladders. (but not finish).
Then we had to see the basement. (No clue why.)
Then we had to get a snack (Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for #1, Tootsie Rolls for #2).
Then we had to start watching a movie (but not finish).
Then we had to feed the turtle.
Then we had to try the cookies we baked. (Yeah, so, um, I've been accused, in the past, of feeding the children too much sugar. But that was right before bed time and this was several hours before bed time, so I figured it was okay.)
Then we had to color part of a picture (but not finish).
Then we had to see what was outside. (I prayed it wasn't a snake.)


At one point, I'm helping #2 wash her hands and I look over and #1 in on the computer. (Me: "Watcha doin' over there?" #1: "I'm typing. I just clicked on Start and found the program." Me via internal monologue: "She knows how to find programs on the computer? Holy *%@& !" Even though I had just sat at lunch and watched her reprogram her mom's cell phone.)

When Best Friend returned to collect her children, it felt like they had been at my house for a full day. Or two.

How does she do it? How do all of the mamas do it?

Because it seriously made me think that maybe me NOT being a mama is not such a bad thing. Maybe.

(But, um, I kindofsortofreally look forward to when they come back. For, you know, a short visit.)


Bacardi Mama said...

They are sweeties, but they can sure give you a run for your money. You do a great job with them. Love you!

Heart2Heart said...

It can be a challenge and that is why most parents play tag team, that way when their energy begins to drain one of us, the other is tagged to take over.

Now if we can just bottle up whatever they have to give them all that energy we can mass produce it and sell it to all the parents just so they can keep up.

Single parents, my hats off to you, and you should receive glory and honor no matter where you go.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

InTheFastLane said...

I have a few that you can borrow when ever you need a couple :) They love cookies too. And, they love taking cooking home for their mother.

ShowSomeLovin said...

oh yes, they are so active and busy :) i totally know what you're saying!

and, thanks for the comment you left. i really appreciate your compassion :) i needed to hear that and it meant more coming from you, too.