Saturday, February 27, 2010

I brought this on myself, didn't I?

For Lent I gave up chocolate. I know. I do it every year. (It's the one Catholic thing I still do - give up something for Lent.) But I've been feeling so unbelievably horrible for the past few months, I felt like maybe I needed to take it one step further this year.


On Ash Wednesday I gave up chocolate, severely limited my sugar intake to almost nothing, made the move from vegetarian to vegan, and went through a strip-it-down-to-basics three day detox. (Which coincided with the first day of my period. Excellent timing, no?)

Oh. My. Gosh.

Headaches. Jitters. Hungry. Shakiness. Itchiness. (Seriously. I've been itchy. All over. Or maybe the word is prickly. Or itchyprickly. I guess I'm only assuming it's a reaction to the lack of sugar or other random crap being put into my body. Or my body trying to filter all the built up crap out. In this book - which may or may not be written by a crazy person - it mentions itching as a possible side effect that could happen as you change your eating habit and eliminate things that aren't so good for you. But it could be something really awful that I am choosing to ignore. But I digress.) Not to mention flat out grouchy because I'M NOT EATING ANY SUGAR. It's fun. Really fun. But it will get better, right? (Please say yes.)

And did I mention that I registered for The Big Race? As in the same Big Race in which my participation last year was questionable up till the last minute because of the whole knee thing, but then I ran it anyway and my knee totally imploded after that and has never been the same again, causing me to become a person who runs slowly and usually in some degree of pain. That Big Race. I'm doing it this year. Official training starts in a week. We'll see how that goes, huh?

So, yeah. I've got itchy+cranky+knee pain+no sugar. What does that equal? One great big ball of fun.

That's me.

(PS - I'm thinking maybe I need to eat some sugar, still. Not a lot. Maybe some toast with jam. Or a granola bar. Or six. And, I'm totally aware that I won't run Big Race anywhere near where I used to. And I'm okay with that. No. Actually, I'm not. But at least I'm aware of it. I'll figure out how to deal with it later. Whatever. I need to find something to eat. That has some trace amount of sugar in it.)


Corinne said...

That sounds awful!!
Jam on toast sounds like a good option... I hope the next few weeks fly by for you!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Oh my goodness! Itching? I've never heard of that happening as anything other than an allergy...unless you're allergic to NOT having sugar...

I know this kind of doesn't really satisfy the conditions for Lent, but maybe it would be better to wean yourself off instead of going cold turkey on everything? I'm a big believer in trusting your body and if it's not responding happily, maybe it wouldn't help to force the issue.

I really hope the hungry-itchy-headachy-jittery craziness ends really soon!! Good luck!

Stacia said...

Wow, vegan ... I lasted three days and then ate a whole block of cheese. Also, maybe your body won't be in so much shock if you do the cheat-on-Friday thing till Lent is up?? Brave, you are, Chocolate Girl.

Bacardi Mama said...

I gave up diet coke and Bacardi. The Bacardi is a breeze, but the diet coke is something else. The caffeine headaches were intense, but getting fewer and farther between. The funny thing is, I've been itchy too. Maybe it is your body getting rid of the bad stuff. I never thought of caffiene as itchy, but maybe it is. Love you!

Heidi said...

How awful :( I hope it passes soon.

Heart2Heart said...

I know it does get easier once we initially get our bodies off of all the processed junk we've been putting into it. You should check out a blog called Art's Chili, she's gone completely organic and healthy and might offer you some suggestions.

Until then perhaps a fruit salad?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lyndsay said...

Um. I know it's all for the greater good, but CRAP that sounds awful!!

I agree with Jade - I think you're allergic to NOT having chocolate.

Good luck. I hope you feel less horrible soon!!

Samantha said...

How could you? Wow - either brave, or crazy - give up CHOCOLATE? No way. Tried it. Big. Fail. I hear the cravings get better, and soon inanimate objects will no longer morph into blocks of Hersheys, but I never made it that far.

Hope you feel better - It took about a week for me to quit getting headaches when I gave up coffee. After that, I was fine. (I was even better when I had my first triple-venti after a 2 month hiatus!)

Jessica Monte said...

Have you considered Lara bars? The do make fruit flavored ones and chocolate ones.