Friday, February 19, 2010

A Major Award!

Heidi at Flicker's Lair has bestowed upon me the Beautiful Blogger Award!

This boggles my mind a bit, because "beautiful" is not a word normally associated with me, but I am honored, nonetheless. Thank you, Heidi!

I would love to copy the image into this post, but my technological skills just aren't that sharp. So I'll just skip to the next part....

Seven Facts About Me:

1. I once had an email argument with Henry Rollins. I did not want to have an email argument with Henry Rollins. I love Henry Rollins. I'm not actually sure how it happened.... I had given a letter writing assignment to my students. Everyone was writing to someone "famous" and then would share anything they received in reply. I tend to do assignments with my students, so I wrote to Henry Rollins, because he seemed likely to reply. (Why I thought that, I don't know. I just did.) So I found an email address and sent a little note explaining that I was a teacher and the basics of the assignment, and asked if he would please send some sort of acknowledgment. Just something along the lines of "Hey kids, study hard and be good." He replied wanting more specifics of what I was asking for, I replied to that with more explanation, he still didn't understand... And, somehow, we wound up in an email argument. I used to have the whole thing saved on my work computer, but then I got a new work computer, and the whole thing was lost in the shuffle. That made me a little sad, because that's probably the only contact I'll ever have with Henry Rollins.

2. When my goddaughter was born, I bought her a onesie at an REM concert. She was born premature, so it took her awhile to fit into it. And when she finally did, her mom, Best Friend, brought her to see me at work, so she could show me how awesome she looked. I took pictures of her, dancing in her totally cool REM onesie. (It had a bunny on it!) And I sent those pictures to REM, relating the story of my goddaughter, her birth and what an amazing kid she was growing in to. And REM sent me a package in return with a new t-shirt for her and a letter saying that she rocks. Gotta love that Michael Stipe.

3. One of the coolest moments of my life was sitting on an airplane pointed toward Boston, with Best Friend on one side of me and Hubby on the other.

4. The first time I ever saw U2 in concert, I really thought it would be nice to meet the band after the show. So I decided, as my friends and I were walking out of the (outdoor) venue, that maybe I'd just try opening some doors and see what happened. My theory was that they couldn't actually kill me, so what was the worst that could happen? Turns out that the worst that could happen is that a big guy steps into your path and says "Where do you think you're going?" and you say "Could you tell me where the bathroom is?" and they escort you out the door.

5. In college I made a U2 fanzine (I'm a raging dork. Shut up.) and one of my covers was featured in the official U2 publication. (Okay, so maybe "featured" in the wrong word, but they showed the cover of my fanzine by the list of all the U2 fanzines you could order, from all over the world.)

6. I love toast with butter and jam.

7. At the age of 5, I knew every single word to Paradise By the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf and all of the choreography for Proud Mary by Tina Turner. (And I will rock those for you right now, if you'd like!)

And it is with love that I pass this award along to my (Bacardi) Mama.


mrs mediocrity said...

Your blog is beautiful, congratulations! Henry Rollins is probably writing on his blog right now that he once had an argument with that famous chocolate girl on just another reason to eat chocolate!

Bacardi Mama said...

Accepted with love. Mine won't be anywhere near as cool as yours though. You are really good at meeting people after concerts. I've been in on a few of those. Remember how your dad went and sat in the car when we waited for James Taylor and then we met him and your dad didn't. You probably don't remember how unhappy your godmother was that you knew all the words to Paradise by the Dashboard Lights. Love you!

Stacia said...

This is much better than a leg lamp in fishnets. Congrats! =>

Heidi said...

I think your writing is beautiful and you seem like a beautiful person. :)

Bacardi Mama said...

Yes Heidi, she is!