Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just a little worrisome

I worry that I'm going to skip over "middle age" and go straight to "old." I know that I am no longer able to pass myself off as a young adult. And I don't consider myself to be middle age just yet. I think I'm firmly in the "adult" part of my life (not that I know when that happened) . But I'm a little worried that I'm going straight to old.

These are just some recent worrisome moments:

  • I realized that I eat dinner as early as possible. If I can eat at 4:00, that rocks!
  • I bought prunes. In bulk.
  • Hubby and I went to one of our favorite cafes for dinner on Thursday. But we got there a little later than usual. And instead of the quiet little cafe we are used to, it was this hotbed of Emo youth, this army of disaffected college/high school kids in skinny jeans and faux vintage tee-shirts, with big, black discs in their earlobes. The place was literally swarming with them. And they were setting up some kind of sound system, as if some of them were going to play music. And Hubby and I looked at each other, both realizing that we were now the oldest people in the place, and we were both completely annoyed with all of them. One of us might have even said "kids today."
  • I save the twist ties from bags of bread. And I have no idea why.

Seriously. I'm worried. I don't want to miss the middle ages of my life. (I'm confident they'll be like the Middle Ages I studied in school, and I'll get a castle and a horse and big, fancy dresses. That happens, right?). I need to find a way to halt this freaky time skippage (preferably without having to wear skinny jeans and ear discs) so as to enjoy both my adulthood and middle age (before I enjoy my old age).

Maybe summer will help....
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Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

LOL. I know what you mean. Whenever I see college kids partying it up downtown, grabbing their junk, or giggling in stilettos...it just makes me tired. I think I may officially be old. But yeah. We should bring back the big fancy dress. And big fancy hats. :)

Kirsten said...

I think "kids these days" all the time. I'm definitely too young to be middle aged but too old to be a young adult...especially with the 3 kids usually surrounding me.

Lyndsay said...

I have two varieties of prunes in my pantry. And enough medical equipment to open my own old folks home... there's room for you if you're interested!

Heart2Heart said...

We just come from a different generation than what is in the world today. I love sitting down with them and hearing their life stories and what they are going through. It's truly amazing when you find out how innocent they are behind all that stuff. They will grow and become adults some day.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

InTheFastLane said...

My oldness happens when I keep turning to the "classic" rock stations...

And I would just skip lunch and eating dinner at 3:00. that would be perfect.