Sunday, June 13, 2010

list? time.

1. My chiropractor disappeared. This was a few months ago. I got a call about an hour before my appointment saying that he hadn't shown up for his two o'clock appointment and it didn't look like he was going to show up for mine. Last anyone heard, he was working in Some City about 90 minutes from here. Okay then. I need a new chiropractor.

2. I invented baked potato pizza for dinner the other night. It was way yum.

3. I was running through a park, and there was a bicycle parked along the side of a wooded road. As I was running by, this older fellow, in full bicycle rider attire, comes tumbling up the hill out of the woods, holds his arms open and says "It's my birthday! Do I get a hug?" Um.... No. But watch me run much faster than I am right now.

4. I had forgotten that mini-morsels make cookies sooooo much better.

5. The label on my new running shorts says "Cool iron when necessary." Is it ever necessary to iron your running shorts? I barely even fold them before I shove them in the drawer. Are there people who iron their running clothes? And if so, why? The label also says "Do not dry clean." This was not a thought that ever, ever, ever entered my mind. Not even once.

6. I took a picture of this peanut butter brownie while it was sitting in my lap. We were in the car, and I was about to inhale it, and I wanted to remember how unbelievably amazingly good it was. Because it didn't last long. I hope that cafe has them again very soon.

7. I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow. I feel so sorry for the lady who will do the pedicure. My feet are disgusting. I'll take her some cookies.

8. I had extra cookies last week, so I did this with them.

9. I am determined to try at least one new recipe a week for all of this summer. I get into ruts where I make the same four or five things over and over and over again. So I have vowed to step out of the rut. So far, so good. Wish me luck.

10. I went into Target to buy one item that cost $1.99. And $32.00 later, I left Target. Without the one item I needed.

11. All that was left in my multi-pack of oatmeal was "plain." So I tossed in a handful of dark chocolate double dipped chocolate covered peanuts. Then it wasn't so plain anymore.

12.I bought silver sandals. Because, honest to goodness, there have been four outfits in the past week that I tried on and said, "This would work much better with silver sandals." So I bought some. For $6.30.


Bacardi Mama said...

I'm getting a pedicure on Thursday and feel the same way you do. Poor Chris! She'll be earning a big tip. Your pizza looks very yummy. Love you!

Corinne said...

After reading this post, I'm starving!!!!!!!! :) Everything you posted looks so yummy.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Wow, crazy people. Not a little bit scary. BUT the food looks amazing! And so, even if you don't get out of your rut, those desserts look plenty comfortable to me. If you do get out of your rut, can I have your cookies?

Well done on the silver sandals!

Lyndsay said...

Hey thanks! I'm volunteering until 9 tonight with no dinner.... and now I'm hungry. That pizza looks amazing... and so does the cookie. Not so impressed with the crazy birthday person though.
And isn't "cool iron" sort of an oxymoron? Or do I just know nothing about ironing?

WackyMummy said...

#10: So true. Happens to me all the time. Even grocery shopping.

#12: I. Envy. You.

#'s 2, 4, 6, 8: Yummy. And so unfair. Why can't I cook???