Monday, June 21, 2010

pack it in

I am a backpack kind of girl, no doubt about it.

They hold everything you need. And a lot of things you probably don't need.

They keep your hands free to do other important things, like grocery shop or ride your bike.

They keep weight distributed evenly, you you're not leaning to one side.

They stay put, where as other bags just fall right off your sloping shoulders. (Okay, maybe that's just me...)

They are utilitarian.

They are simple and all-purpose.

The contents of my backpack are as follows:
  • wallet

  • change purse

  • little case that holds all the "cards" (library, Barnes and Noble, staff pass, various beverage punch cards, etc)

  • glasses (in the glasses case)

  • keys - personal and work

  • cell phone

  • umbrella

  • two hair clips

  • one scrunchie

  • compact (I tend to be a little "shiny")

  • lip balm (Crazy Rumors hazelnut latte)

  • notebook (in case I need to write something down)

  • small camera (in case there is a Kodak Moment)

  • daily planner (so I know where I'm supposed to be and when I'm supposed to be there)

  • two cds - David Bowie's A Reality Tour and Jakob Dylan's Women and Country

  • book I'm currently reading - The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer (never know when you'll have some time to read, although lately not much because that book is short, and I'm not done with it yet.)

  • travel size bottle of Yin Chao (in case I start to develop a cold or some other illness)

  • stupidly large bottle of digestive enzyme pills (to quote the owner of my favorite chocolate shop, who introduced me to them, "I'm all jacked up inside.")

  • a hat (because you never know when you'll need a hat)

  • a plastic spoon (I don't know why)

  • a packet of sugar (don't know about this one either)

  • a chocolate bar (blueberry lavender)

  • a sucker (pomegranate pucker)

  • a bottle of water (I'm thirsty all. the. time.)

PS - I just cleaned out my bag last week. So this is the clean version. Just life's necessities.



Bacardi Mama said...

After seeing you use yours all these years and thinking about the purse falling off my sloping shoulders all the time, maybe I should try a backpack. Love you!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Wow that is a lot of stuff, even for a back pack. I'm afraid to empty out my purse. It's always full of old receipts, shopping lists and other things I hate sorting through. But I love the designs/fabric on your wallet, glasses case and the daily planner.

I always use a backpack when I travel, for all the reasons you listed. But I think I'm afraid of what all I'd carry with me every day if I got one for a purse. :)

Halyna said...

I am also a backpack person. I've swapped my everyday backpack (which contained an umbrella, a plastic bag, a high visibility vest, a set of keys and two delicious pastries) for my mega backpack which now contains sleeping bag, clothes, torch, toiletries, 23 cans of Irish cider and weighs in at about 20kg. Glastonbury Festival here I come!