Friday, June 18, 2010

lost in the suburbs (stuck in the mall)

So, Hubby had to go to The Suburbs to trade up his work computer. He asked if I'd like to go with. He'd be about two hours (or less), then we could eat at the place where the food is soooooo bad for us, but tastes sooooooo good, and we only eat there, like, once a year so it probably is okay (aka The Cheesecake Factory). He could just drop me off at the Really Huge Mall and I could hang out there while he does his work stuff.

Yes. Yes, I'd like to do that. Because, um, Cheesecake Factory.

Here is what I learned:

* When you arrive at a mall at 10:45 am, there really isn't anyone there. Which is kinda nice since you're used to the Really Huge Mall being filled to capacity with people.

* Even at the Really Huge Mall, you will have walked through the whole place, and browsed through any stores you may want to browse through, and decided that anything you might want to buy should happen later so that you don't have to keep track of extra bags of stuff for two hours, all in 30 minutes or less.

* Two hours at any mall is a really long time.

* The Starbucks at the Really Huge Mall will totally let you sit and read an entire book, cover to cover, even if all you buy is a grande hot green tea. (This would be the Starbucks that you walk into and has tables, like a normal Starbucks. Not the kiosk Starbucks across the concourse that you can stare at through the window of the normal Starbucks.) (And I read The Cardturner by Louis Sachar. And loved it.)

* H&M is a good place to get cheap things. I found two sundresses for $10 each.

* Eventually you will send a slightly desperate text message to Hubby informing him that you've read your entire book and it's been two hours and is he done yet???

* If chocolate bars label themselves as "new moon" and "eclipse" I will buy them.

* When eating at The Cheesecake Factory, focus on how goooooood it tastes. Do not think about the price you will pay (internally) later.

* I should have bought that white hoodie at Gap.


Halyna said...

We don't have a Cheesecake Factory where I live. I will write to the Prime Minister and see if I can get this rectified immediately, because I believe it would be AMAZING.

WackyMummy said...

Ugh, stuck in the mall when you HAVE to be there for hours. I would have done the same as you. Killing time at the mall when I should be doing something else unpleasant? Hours and hours! ;)

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Sounds like a fun excursion, even with the wait. Oh, Cheesecake Factory, how I love thee.

InTheFastLane said...

ooooo.....Cheesecake factory....that might just make it worth it. I hate the mall. But, I probably would have ended up just spending lots and lots of money that I don't have :)