Monday, June 21, 2010

not even kidding

So, Hubby and I saw Harry Connick Jr. in concert. (My umpteenth time.)

And after the show we met him. (My first time.)

And he is that cute in real life.

And I talked to him about chocolate. (Specifically what the best option is at my favorite chocolate place, as he had had an "accident" with the malt balls earlier, so I advised him of the double dipped chocolate covered peanuts, for future reference.)

And I'm not even kidding.

I met Harry Connick. And we talked about chocolate.

(This is now one of my favorite stories.)


Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

That. Is. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

so is that why you couldn't bring us cookies? hehehe...just kidding :) that rocks!!

Bacardi Mama said...

That is awesome. Morris is where we met Jackson Browne and James Taylor too. Small and intimate places are good for that. No pictures?

Lyndsay said...

How does that happen?! And how does one have an "accident" with a malt ball? And how come there are no pictures?

Great story!

jaime said...

That is awesome. :)

Chocolate Girl said...

Apparently, Harry is opposed to photos. Security was adamant about people putting their cameras away, and actually went after someone on the other side of the parking lot trying to take pictures. That's okay, though. I know how cute he was.

Corinne said...

I'm swooning at just the thought of him :)