Sunday, December 5, 2010

in the spirit

These two Marine sergeants, both combat veterans, had a very different mission Friday night.

They stood outside the local chocolate shop, in 17 degree temperatures, collecting toys for Toys for Tots. They collected seven (!) boxes full of toys for local children. People who didn't have a toy gave cash. People who didn't have cash stopped and shook these men's hands and said "thank you." It was amazing.

Inside the shop was amazing, too. It was wall to wall people, standing shoulder to shoulder. Children and adults of all ages, packed in to ward off the cold with cocoa or coffee. The line wound all through the little shop, then doubled back around. The wait was long. And no one complained. People were kind. They were understanding. They smiled and chatted with strangers. All employees were there. Most donating their time. Some had been there since the shop opened at 7 a.m. And no one complained. They were smiling and laughing and serving warmth of all kinds.

The bell choir from a local church was playing there, too. People (small children, too!) sat in silence, smiling, listening to this amazing choir play Christmas carols in the most beautiful fashion.

I found the Christmas spirit. It was alive and well, and reminding everyone present that evening just what this season is all about. That was pretty amazing, too.


Kirsten said...

Beautiful pictures. So glad there was a great turnout.

Lyndsay said...

Love this, love this, LOVE THIS!!!!!

Where can I hear a bell choir? I need to hear a bell choir?