Friday, December 31, 2010

new year's eve is kinda dumb

I am not a "New Year's Eve" kind of person. I do not like staying up late. If I am up past 10:00, it is usually not my choice and I am usually not happy about it. I don't really like loud things and big parties and crowds of people. And all of those things seem to be associated with New Year's Eve.

Plus, I just don't see it. All this fuss over the turning of a calendar page. The clock ticking from one day to the next. Because that's what it really is. I know that I have to put a new calendar on the wall and start remembering to write 2011 on my checks (because I still write checks... I don't even have a debit card....). But all I really see in another new day.

And I wonder why all this fuss doesn't go in to celebrating each new day. Why don't we stop each night and count up the blessing from that day? (Like breathing in and out, and seeing the birds at the birdfeeder....) Why don't we, each morning, look ahead to the adventures of the day to come? (Like going to the grocery store, and taking a walk after dinner....) Why do we wait until the end of one year and the beginning of the next to take stock and celebrate?

So.... I suppose I will be putting in an appearance at the New Year's parties I've been invited too. I suppose I will laugh and smile and eat and play with all of the other revelers.

But I'll also be home long before the "ball drops." And, as 2010 winds down, I'll do what I do every night before bed - sit in meditation and thanks for the day that was. And tomorrow morning, as 2011 starts up, I'll do what I do every morning - sit in meditation and thanks for the day ahead.


Lyndsay said...

Good for you. I think this is a much healthier way to view things. I'm not a big New Year's person either (for many of the same reasons you listed.) If anything, New Years makes me a big melancholy, and who needs another day to feel melancholy? Blah. Not me.

InTheFastLane said...

I am hoping to be home early....but my kids seem to think that seeing Midnight is super duper important or their year ends terribly. To bad they are too old to just change the clocks on the.