Sunday, December 26, 2010

today, by the numbers

36 - years I've spent on Earth, as of today

30 - minutes I spent in meditation this morning

90 - minutes of yoga following the meditation

10 - number of miles run following the yoga

5 - number of months since I've been able to run that far

105 - number of minutes it took me to run that far

4 - number of times on the run that my knee did that popping thing that causes me to hop a little

0 - number of times I thought about stopping the run

1 - pieces of fudge I've eaten today (so far...)

countless - number of blessings I have


Bacardi Mama said...

105 minutes is an awesome time for running that far. I'm so proud of you! Happy Birthday honey! See you later. We have presents!!

Kirsten said...

Happy birthday!! And congrats on the successful run. I'm looking for one of those too.

InTheFastLane said...

That sounds like an Awesome birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday!

Now its time for me to start running and yoga-ing again....

Lyndsay said...

Argh. It bugs me that I wasn't at my computer yesterday to wish you a Happy Birthday. I love this post though - so full of awesome things. I hope there ended up being more than just one piece of fudge though!

swonderful said...

happy birthday! sorry this comment is so late. i am behind. but it sounds like it was a good one!